Embraer - Eve

Eve is a new company backed by Embraer’s more than 50-year history of aerospace expertise.

Embraer is one of the three major OEMs worldwide and is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, well-known for being the city with the heaviest VTOLs traffic.

This partnership will secure the entry of market-fit all-electric aircraft, and  provide safe operations at scale thanks to urban air traffic management integration.

Learn more about the benefits of this partnership on the official press release.


Skydrive is the leader of air mobility in Japan, working on eVTOLs and cargo drones since 2012.

A fully dedicated team composed of engineers in the fields of aircraft, drone, and  automobile.

H3 Dynamics

Autonomous flights, infrastructure and services (like maintenance and security).

Transforming drone delivery with hydrogen.

Cargo drones and passengers eVTOLs.

Urban Aeronautics

Pioneer in developing unmanned and manned, fancraft or internal-rotor VTOL aircraft, and hydrogen/electric-powered vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, for civil and military uses.

Urban Aeronautics CityHawk is characterized by a small footprint, particularly fitted for passenger and medical uses.

Learn more about the benefits of this partnership on the official press release.

Guimbal - Cabri G2

In sync with ASCENT core use cases: 

Single pax air taxi, at a price of an executive car 

Cargo, competitive with expressed courrier 

Ideal for organs' transport  


The most innovative aircraft of its category by integrating the latest technologies for optimum safety, operation efficiency and business results.  


Advanced development on autonomous all-electric aircraft with AIRBUS.

Learn more about the cabri on our dedicated website.


Today, air mobility is a fact that has led us to think beyond our experiences and see the city from another perspective: from the heights.


ASCENT Experiences is born to give customers the possibility to live the city and its proximity like never before.

Today effective in the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore.

ASCENT Experiences

Point-to-point flights

Private charter

On Schedule


Ancillaries Services

Use Cases


Medical Services


Catalizing the entry of eVTOLs

While we make use of helicopters and planes today, we work actively with OEM of all-electric aircraft to bring sustainable and market-fit solutions.




Dedicated matching platform between trusted operators

Lease aircraft for short or long term

Soon, buy/sell new and pre-owned aircraft

Enable operators to manage and maximize the use of their fleet.

End-to-end multimodal air mobility journeys

Airport transfers with Airlines and Business Jets

Connecting between hubs across cities and regions

Combining airplanes and helicopters

Domestically and internationally

Air Travel Bubbles

The complex Air Mobility ecosystem needs to be orchestrated seamlessly, transversely, and dynamically.

ASCENT, acts as the Air Mobility Operating System, entrenching and running ecosystems.  This thanks to our multi-sided digital platform enabling air mobility operations through our proprietary all-in-one technology coordinating users, air operators, vertiports, etc.  Today, ASCENT makes used of VTOLs and airplanes, and readies for autonomous drones and all electric VTOLs.

Enabling Ecosystems

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