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Founded in 2018, ASCENT is based in Singapore - the hub for innovation and technology in Asia Pacific.

Global challenges including city congestions, global emissions, and COVID-19 pandemic make mobility a priority and call for an innovative democratized mobility solution, yet sustainable. 

Air mobility appears as the relevant solution as it is feasible now and represents a prodigious market. According to a 2020 report prepared by Morgan Stanley Research, the global air mobility industry is expected to reach approximately $123 billion by 2025 and grow to approximately $640 billion by 2035, including manufacturing, technology, infrastructure, cargo transportation, and passengers.

Technology and experience driven, ASCENT is a Global Air Mobility Platform, that integrates ecosystems and runs operations such as air taxi, touristic, cargo and medical services, within urban areas and across regions. Our ambition is to democratize Air Mobility, as a convenient, reliable and sustainable mode of mobility that addresses congestion, connectivity, environmental sustainability and health issues.

Based on our customer-centric vision, asset-light business model and all-in-one proprietary technology, we strongly believe that our growing excellence on basics, focus on air mobility key factors, and proprietary technology provides us a competitive advantage.

ASCENT is already operational in the Philippines, Thailand, Chile, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. Awaiting for eVTOLs, we makes use of helicopters and planes today.

Today, ASCENT brings together a team with a diverse set of skill sets that are passionate about improving our world by making Air Mobility a sustainable, scalable and impactful reality.


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